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"Not Allowed" Symbol Should Have a Popup Explaining Why#390

I am trying to filter a column on a table. When I hover over the checkbox to allow filtering, I get a “Not Allowed” symbol. This symbol should be accompanied by a popup explaining the reason why the column cannot be filtered. Currently, I have to hunt through my table settings to figure out the reason why the action is not allowed.

6 months ago

Hello Bryan,

Thank you for your suggestion! We will consider it as soon as possible.

Perhaps this information will assist you. This action is not available if you have disabled Global search for this column in the Column list. If this does not apply to your situation, please contact our Support.

6 months ago

Thanks. Will check that out. I think the popup would still be useful at it would immediately point out what the issue is. This could be extended to any time one encounters the “Not Allowed” symbols over any checkbox the user hovers over.

6 months ago